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To make sure your home is safe you need to check your electric cords often for damage. Make sure there are no cuts and they have not been squeezed by substance. Make sure to replace the damaged cords right away. Worn cords can cause shock, short circuit or fire.

People usually take the short cut for disconnecting the power cord after it used. They often unplug the cord by pulling the wire from the wall socket. This will make the wire within the plug to become loose and eventually cause fire. Never pull on the cord.

Do not overload electric outlets with too many items plugged in at once. Each barker is designed to carry a certain voltage by plugging to many items you are adding way more than usual current on the barker and this could lead to a fire.

Water and electricity do not mix. Do not operate electric appliances such as radios or hair dryers near a bathtub or sink full of water. It is extremely dangerous and could be deadly.

Never stick your fingers, toys or anything except electric plugs into electric outlets. Keep children away from electrical cords and outlets. Make sure they are not chewing on cords or putting their fingers into wall sockets.

If you notice an out let / wall socket is sparking have an electrician to change it immediately. Unplug any appliance that emits sparks or that does not work properly.

Never repair an appliance before disconnecting the power. Always unplug an appliance before cleaning or repairing it.

Always unplug the toaster or other appliance when removing a piece of stuck food. Never put butter on bread and place it in the toaster. This could cause a fire.

Remember that a turned-off appliance is still connected to electricity until it is unplugged.

Limit use of extension cords. Make sure the cord is the appropriate size for use. Some appliances or equipment require heavy-duty cords.

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