Guide Aid Light: Saving Lives with the push of a button on your remote – Unlocking your safety instantly.

Easily switch between white light and flashing red light just with push of a button.




10% of the proceeds from each light sold will be donated to support First Responders and Fire Victims.

Shine a light on your house with Guide Aid Light: stand out, stay safe!


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Guide Light 100 Light Bulb
From the Fire Chief in Fox Creek

“Guide Aid: Seamless Emergency Support System—Linking You to Help in the Blink of an Eye.”


I’m absolutely thrilled to share the incredible impact these Guide Aid Lights have had on my family.

When my Dad’s health took a turn for the worse, I personally gifted one of these life-saving devices to my Mom. Little did we know just how crucial it would be? The very day they rushed my Dad to the hospital, my Mom had to rely on this Guide Aid Light.

The situation became even more awe-inspiring when a dedicated AHS crew from Grande Prairie came into town. They couldn’t help but praise the effectiveness of this remarkable invention.

What’s even more remarkable is the overwhelming support we’ve received from our Council. They wholeheartedly embraced the idea and our prayers were answered when a corporate sponsor stepped forward.

Thanks to their generosity, we can now provide these Guide Lights to a specific group within our community. It’s truly a blessing to witness such unwavering unity in times of need.

To the brilliant minds behind this innovation, I can’t express my gratitude enough. By bringing this miraculous solution to us, you’ve touched our lives in ways unimaginable. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Fox Creek Fire Chief, thank you.

Every Second Counts!

Guide Aid Light Saving a LifeReal life scenario of Guide Aid Light saving a life!

How does Guide Aid Light work?

Discover the incredible power of Guide Aid Light: Experience the effortless functionality of this lifesaving solution:

Securely install the Guide Light bulb in any outdoor light socket. In a critical emergency, swiftly reach out to 911 or your trusted neighbor for immediate help. Take control and activate your Guide Aid Light remotely, transforming the ordinary white illumination into a captivating, flashing red beacon of salvation. Witness as the pulsating light Alerts an urgent distress signal to both first responders and caring neighbors, signifying that a precious life is in dire need of emergency aid.”

The application is simple:

  1. The Guide Light bulb is installed in an outside light socket.
  2. In the event of an emergency, you place a call to 911 or your neighbor.
  3. The individual then activates the Guide Light via a remote and the outside bulb turns from an ordinary white light to a flashing red life saving light.
  4. The flashing light signals to first responders and neighbours that someone in that home is in need of emergency assistance.

Product Overview

Experience the unrivalled power of life saving Guide Aid Light, a revolutionary product brought to you by Safety Aid Inc. Guide Aid Light has proven to save lives. Guide Aid Light harnesses the immense energy of 220/110 volt, utilizing a mere 3 watts of power, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. Rest assured, Guide Light is ULC and UL certified, guaranteeing exceptional safety standards. With its FCC-certified remote functionality, Guide Aid Light radiates signals up to an astounding distance of 80 meters, unimpeded by any obstacles it might encounter. Seamlessly control the illumination, allowing you to effortlessly turn the light ON or OFF within that remarkable range. Through a simple press of the (W) button on the remote, a transformative signal is instantly transmitted to the light’s receiver, captivatingly illuminating your surroundings. The power of the (R) button, on the other hand, initiates a dramatic metamorphosis of the white light into a pulsating red beacon, signalling an urgent emergency. Once help arrives, the flickering light dissipates with a mere push of a button on the remote, offering swift relief in critical situations. Guide Aid Light stands unparalleled as the sole luminary in today’s market capable of metamorphosing from a regular light source to an indispensable emergency tool. Embedded with unwavering innovation, Guide Aid Light emerges as the pinnacle of reliability, guaranteeing to summon assistance right to your doorstep during distressing moments. Indulging in Guide Aid Light is not just the smart choice, but the most astoundingly cost-effective strategy to safeguard your cherished loved ones, rendering your humble abode conspicuously prominent even in the direst emergencies. Our mission transcends borders – we strive for every family across North America to experience the assurance provided by Guide Aid Light. We have ceaselessly laboured to develop this remarkable life-saving beacon at an affordable price point. Guide Aid Light represents the ultimate gift of life and tranquillity, granting you unparalleled peace of mind. Waste no time, secure your Guide Aid Light today and embrace the epitome of protection! Purchase one today!


Still doubting? Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the transformative power of Guide Light through heartfelt testimonials shared by our delighted customers. Be blown away by their stories in our captivating Video and Testimonial pages. Video and Testimonial pages.


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