King Fire, Lions Using Guide Light Program

June 14, 2017 By Mark Pavilons A close-knit community looks after its own. That sentiment is behind a new pilot project initiated by King Fire and Emergency Services. The Guide Light program aims [...]

Electrical Safety

To make sure your home is safe you need to check your electric cords often for damage. Make sure there are no cuts and they have not been squeezed by substance. Make sure to replace the damaged [...]

Bathroom Safety

AN UNSAFE BATHROOM CAN BE DEADLY Bathrooms mostly have slippery tiles and hard surfaces, bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places in homes. It is estimated 234,000 nonfatal bathroom [...]

Fire and Kitchen Safety

Survey shows if your home broke out in fire, you would have less than three minutes to escape safely? This means that you must be prepared. Most people think accident never happens to them and is [...]

Fall Prevention Safety

Nearly 90 percent of seniors will say they want to stay home. Doing so gives them a wonderful sense of the continued independence. Having your mom or dad live alone can be a source of concern for [...]

Meeting New Friends and Romantic Partners

If you are looking for companionship and love online you should be extremely careful. There are sites which are searching for vulnerable candidates to scam.  There is no specific criteria for [...]


SENIORS ARE AN EASY TARGET FOR CON ARTISTS AND SCAMMERS When it comes to scam we all need to be alert but especially our senior population as they are a targeted group for professional con [...]

Seniors Personal Home and Safety

Injuries can result from seemingly innocent things around your home—many of which are easily fixed or adapted after you do some detective work to track them down. The following checklists will [...]

Guide Light Can Save Your Life and Your Loved Ones

How much is your life worth to you? What if…there is an emergency? What if…you or your loved ones need fast medical attention? What if…first responders can’t find your home in time? What would be [...]

Seniors Travelling Safety Tips

Safety Tips When Travelling With Seniors You may want to get travel health insurance that allows cover for pre-existing medical conditions for your senior companion. Keep your Embassy details [...]