Cane Aid $20.00 off LIMITED TIME OFFER

$ 49.99

Cane Aid Stand On Its Own



The Cane Aid stands on it’s own and has a ergonomic grip with a built in flashlight. This makes it easier to find your way safely when your in the dark.

The Cane Aid folding design makes it much easier to take with you. Folding it up making it compact makes it easier to travel with. To use again just spring it open and your back in action when you’re ready to move along. Because of its compact design it easily fits into your bag or purse. The Cane Aid is ready to travel and to go wherever you go. This is a very trustworthy walking cane.

What are some of the great features of the Cane Aid?

It has a triple tread, pivot-base designed to improve stability and can even stand on its own.
Three is better than one. As mentioned above it folds up to be more portable. The built in flashlight is a genius idea. Enjoy your new sense of freedom with the Cane Aid and let it light your way at night time.


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