Guide Aid Alert $63.00 off LIMITED TIME OFFER

$ 186.99

Guide Alert works anywhere around your home!
Perfect for seniors who mostly stay at home and want to remain independent.



The number “ONE” product for Seniors and Families.

Now your whole family can relax, knowing that Guide Aid Alert System will provide around the clock 24/7 protection. Help is at your door step just by push of a button. Guide Aid is designed to send a signal to your Guide light and Turn it into an emergency flashing light. Also will call 911 operator to let you talk directly to the operator, Guide Aid will page three different family and friends numbers which already has been programmed by the user. After pushing the help button help will arrive without any delay.

The flashing red light outside with siren will notify your neigbors and first responders you need help.

  • Enjoy independence and privacy, without intrusions.
  • Easy to set up and easy to maintain.
  • Uses your existing phone line – you do no need a Sim Card.
  • If you move you can take it to your new location and just plug it into a phone jack.
  • NO monthly charges or maintenace fee.
  • Built-in, rechargeable 24-hour backup power.
  • Waterproof wristband or neck pendant. Wear it in the bath and/or shower.
  • Your personal help button can be worn around your neck, as a wristband, clipped.
  • to your clothing, or it can be mounted on a wall. Multiple pendants are available.
  • Talk hands free to callers by simply pressing the pendant HELP button.


It is a known fact that Seniors want to live independent. The CX-66 series Guide Aid alert alarm system will be a huge benefit as it is a peace of mind product that in the event of an emergency will bring help simply by pushing a button on a remote pendant. The wireless remote pendant can be worn around the neck or the wrist and will work up-to a distance of 20 meters clear site from the base unit. One of the most important featured with the CX-66 series is that it is a self monitored system and “Requires No Expensive Monthly Monitoring Fees”. The CX-66 series allows you to program up to three telephone numbers of your choice and record your own personal message. In addition, when the system is activated the receiver of the call can open a clear two way conversation with the caller and can communicate with the caller. The two way audio will work up to a distance of 5 meters from the main unit.

 SOS 433Mhz Guide Aid Product Features:

1. Press panic button on your pendent or keypad to dial phone numbers.

2. Pair with PABX phone system.

3.Simple to set up.

4. Auto dial 3 sets of programmable number with max 16 digits of each number.

5. Can record voice message such as “help me”,maximum 6 seconds.

6. Two-way communication talk and listen in.

7. Contact distance within 50M in open area.

8. Supplied with AC adapter, telephone cable, splatted socket and one pendant.

9. Battery low indicator.

10.One year warranty Notice.

11. Featured SOS 433Mhz Medical Alert Provider: Beyond technology industrial Ltd.

12. Ideal for elderly and families.

The Base Unit & Wireless Remote Button

Notice: Necklace Button or waterproof Bracelet Button for choice

Guide Aid Alert Systems are ideal for people who:

Living alone and independent.

  • Are in danger of falling
  • Have medical conditions
  • Have difficulty walking
  • Have had a stroke or heart attack
  • Require medical assistance
  • Have vision problems
  • Experience muscle weakness or mobility problems when walking or climbing stairs
  • Have any difficulty climbing in or out of the tub, getting up or down stairs, etc.
  • Have a history of falling or dizziness
  • Have any chronic illness such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Parkinson’s, High Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis or Incontinence
  • Want to put their mind at ease about security, health or safety


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