Guide Light 200

$ 63.99

The dual purpose LED light bulb which can switch from a regular white light to a flashing red light just by a push of a button.



Guide Light a product of Guide Aid.

Guide Light 200  Dual Purpose Emergency Light Bulb (without siren)

This particular Guide Light model uses 220/110 volt, it is only 3 watts and is ULC and UL certified. The Guide Light Model GL 200 has been designed to be used as an ordinary light on a daily basis when flipping the wall switch to ON position or by using the remote as a wall switch to turn ON and OFF the light. However, when using the remote in an emergency the light will switch from a regular light bulb to a flashing red beacon light. The remote which is FCC certified is set to send signals of up to 50 meters in distance without obstacles and can activate the Guide Light within that range.

We strongly suggest to test the light around your house to get familiar with Guide Light and to learn about the distance.


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