Guide Aid 100 ( No Siren) $50.00 off LIMITED TIME OFFER

$ 89.00

It’s more than just a light bulb, it’s a guardian angel

Guide Aid light, The Unwavering Champion of First Responders

Guide Aid Light : An LED light bulb which can switch from a regular white light to a flashing red light just by a push of a button, shining the Way to Your Home, Alerting Your Neighbors, and Helping First Responders.

Guide Light: Illuminating the Way for First Responders, Faster and Easier, Day or Night, while keeping your neighbors informed you need help!


When Every Precious Second Counts, Don’t Let the delays Steal Your Tomorrow!

A lifeline in critical moments: Illuminating the path for first responders, when every second counts

The Guide Aid Light 100 is a versatile emergency light bulb that can be used as a regular light or as a flashing red beacon in times of need. With a 220/110 volt power source and ULC and UL certifications, this 3 watt bulb is reliable and efficient.

Easily switch between regular lighting and emergency mode using the included remote control, which has a range of up to 50 meters. FCC certified for quality and performance, the remote can activate the emergency beacon light with ease.

Test the Guide Aid Light 100 around your home to familiarize yourself with its features and range. And don’t forget, when you buy one light, you can get the second one at half price to share with a loved one. Don’t wait, ensure your safety and peace of mind with the Guide Aid Light 100 today.

Guide Aid Light: Lighting the way and saving lives as the First Responders Champion


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