Guide Aid Light 300 ( With Blue Tooth and WIFI) : $20.00 off LIMITED TIME OFFER

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Guide Aid Light, Instant swap between bright white light and blinking red light at touch of a button.


Explore our extensive savings manual with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities and take advantage of our exclusive deal. Receive reliable assistance right at your doorstep with our cutting-edge emergency alert system featuring red flashing lights and sirens.

Introducing the Guide Aid Light GL 100 – the ultimate dual-purpose emergency light and siren. This premium, UL and ULC certified light works on 110 or 220 volts, consuming only 3 watts of power. Easily switch it to a bright red beacon light by toggling a switch, perfect for signalling emergencies. Effortlessly control it with the FCC approved remote, boasting an impressive signal range of up to 80 meters. Ensure your home stands out during crises with the GL 100, an essential addition to your emergency preparedness kit. Familiarize yourself with this life-saving tool today.

A lifeline in critical moments: Illuminating the path for first responders, when every second counts