Wireless Caregiver Pager Receiver

$ 63.99

Wireless Caregiver Pager Receiver

  • Two SOS Call Button
  • Nurse Alert
  • Patient Help System for Home/Personal
  • Attention Pager
  • 500+ Feet Plugin Receiver Alert


Wireless Caregiver Pager Receiver

  • One Pager and 2 Call Button, it is Idea for Both Caregiver and Elderly/Resident/Handicapped. It comes with a water proof Transmitter/Push Call Button. It can simply install anywhere in the house including washrooms.
  • Transmitter/Push Call Button is light and small. It can easily can be placed in your pocket or be worn as a pendent. The neck Strap is included. The Bracket and Double sticker are included.
  • Pager/Chime Unit has 55 Ring tones to choose from.
  • Operating Range is 500+ Feet in open Area.
  • 5 Level Adjustable Volume from 0db to 110db.
  • Easy Use (Plug in and Play) Plug the Receiver into an Electrical Outlet.

The Package Includes 1 Pager Unit/Receiver and 2 Remote Transmitters, 2 Double Sided Stickers and 1 bracket for 2 Transmitters,2 Neck Straps, 2 pieces 12V 23A Batteries.  (The batteries are included.


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