Watch Aid Alert 3G

$ 230.99

Medical 3G emergency SOS GPS tracker fall alert wrist watch for seniors



Model: G99 (safety monitoring)
SOS watch G99 functions:
1) It will call the emergency mobile phone number which has been set with the device already.
2) It will call the server so service provider will know the person needs urgent help.
3) It will send GPS location to the server so the service center can locate the individual in no time.

GPS track:
1) user can send his own location to server after pressing SOS button.
2) server can track user’s location anytime.
3) watch can automatically send location every 5 or 10 mins.
4) it will also track the time and monitor the individual medication day and time. It will remind the person when to take their medication by generating music sound or an alarm.

Fall detector:
If the individual is moving around the watch will not send alert.
The only time that watch will send alert signal to the central office it’s when the person has fallen down.

Remove alert:
If the individual remove his or her watch, then an alert will be send to an emergency number or server.

Android 4.4 system


GPS tracking

SOS buttons

Heart rate monitor


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